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Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Kejar Paket B

Soal Ujian Akhir Bahasa Inggris untuk Kejar Paket B " Karya Nyata"

Untuk soal no 1 s.d. 7 pilihlah satu response yang tepat atas ungkapan yang diberikan!

1. Angga : Ouch, you hurt me!
Budi : …

A. I’m sorry
B. Thank you
C. Good afternoon
D. Hello

2. Ani : I;m sure you’ve never met her before. She is my cousin, Windy.
Wati : …

A. How are you
B. Nice to meet you, Windy
C. Good morning
D. Hello

3. X : Hi, I bought some cookies for you.
Y : …

A. Thanks very much
B. I’m really sorry
C. How are you
D. I did

4. Amir : May I help you doing this house work?
Mira : …

A. Never mind
B. No, thanks
C. Forgive me
D. Hi

5. Jane : Thanks for the drink.
Nela : …

A. Don’t mention it
B. Thanks you
C. Sure
D. Sorry
6. A : How do you do, Mr. Hendra? I’m Toni.
B : …

A. How do you do?
B. Nice to meet you, too.
C. How do you do, too?
D. How are you?

7. Ahmad : Where were you yesterday? I didn’t see you at the meeting.
Budi : …

A. How do you do?
B. I’m sorry for that
C. At home, I got a toothache
D. Morning

Untuk soal no 8 s.d. 12 pilihlah satu jawaban yang tepat berdasarkan teks yang tersedia!

Mr. Wardi is a diligent farmer. He is strong and energetic. He is forty five years old. His skin is dark because he always works under sunshine. Mr. Wardi has four children. They are Misna, Lely, Tedi and Rita. He sends them all to school. The oldest one is now a student at university and the youngest one is still at elementary. Mr. Wardi always wakes up early in the morning, and then goes to his rice field. He plants tomatoes and chilliest at his rice field. At the lunch time, his wife, Siti sends him lunch and a kettle of coffee.

8. What is the text about?
A. Rice field
B. Mr. Wardi
C. A farmer
D. Mr. Wardi’s family

9. How is Mr. Wardi?
A. Old
B. Dark
C. Diligent
D. Lazy
10. What Kind of the text is it?
A. Narrative
B. Descriptive
C. Report
D. Recount

11. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To give information
B. To describe Mr. Wardi
C. To tell what Mr. Wardi does.
D. To entertain with the story.

12. What tenses is used in the text?
A. Simple present
B. Simple past
C. Past continuous
D. Present continuous

Untuk soal No 13 s.d. 17 soal tentang Expressing Apology (Permintaan maaf)

13. Andri : Oh! Sorry I hurt you
Brady : …

A. Thank you
B. Never mind
C. You’re welcome
D. Go there

14. Mimin : Give me an apology. I have lost your book.
Wawan : …

A. It’s Okay
B. Don’t do that
C. Take it
D. Thanks

15. Ani : I’m not feeling well. I got a fever.
Binta : …

A. I’m sorry
B. Don’t tell me
C. Take a rest
D. Never mind

16. X : Lock the door before leaving.
Y : …

A. I’m sorry
B. I will
C. Thank you
D. It’s okay

17. Amir : Don’t touch anything here.
Mira : …

A. You’re welcome
B. Why not
C. Nice to meet you
D. Forgive me

Untuk soal No 18 s.d. 21 pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat berdasarkan teks yang tersedia.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful and hardworking girl. Her name was Cinderella. She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Meanwhile The King wanted to find his son a good wife. So he decided to have a ball. All the girls in the land were invited.
Cinderella wanted to the ball. But her stepmother and stepsisters would not let her go. She was very sad. Tears fell down from her cheeks.
Suddenly, her fairy Godmother appeared. She changed Cinderella into a beautiful princess. On her feet were two lovely glass slippers. There was also a coach, just for her. “Remember to come back before midnight, “said the fairy. “Yes, I will and thank you,” said Cinderella.
There were many people at the ball. When Cinderella arrived, everybody went quiet. They were attracted to her beauty. The prince walked up to greet her. Cinderella remembered what her two stepsisters had said about the prince- that he was handsome. Indeed he was. She was happy to be with him. They danced the whole night through.
The clock struck twelve. Cinderella ran out of the ballroom. In her hurry, she lost one of her glass shoes.
The next day, they prince sent for his guard.” find me the girl whose foot fits the slipper,” ordered the prince. The guard went all over the land.
Finally, he found Cinderella. Her foot fitted her slipper. Cinderella and The Prince were married and they lived happily ever after.

18. What is the text about?
A. A beautiful girl
B. The King
C. Cinderella
D. Stepmother

19. Who are the characters of the story?
A. The King, the Queen, Cinderella and stepmother
B. The King, the Queen, the Prince and Cinderella
C. The Prince, Cinderella, stepsisters and stepmother
D. The Prince, Cinderella, a beautiful girl and stepmother

20. Which paragraph shows Orientation part of story? Paragraph…
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

21. “Finally, he found Cinderella. Her foot fitted the slipper. Cinderella and the Prince were married and they lived happily ever after.” This part of the story is called…
A. Orientation
B. Complication
C. Re-orientation
D. Resolution

22. What is the social function of this text?
A. To give information
B. To amuse or entertain
C. To describe Cinderella
D. To explain about Cinderella

Untuk soal no 23 s.d. 25 tentang Suggestion (Ungkapan ajakan)

23. Angga : Let’s buy some books!
Budi : …

A. That’s good idea
B. You’re welcome
C. Never mind
D. I’m sorry

24. Tina : How about doing this work together?
Tika : …

A. You’re right
B. Thank you
C. Fine, thanks
D. That’s good idea

25. Andi : What about having lunch at canteen?
Betty : …

A. Oh, sorry
B. I’m glad to
C. It’s OK
D. That’s good idea

Untuk soal no 26 s.d. 30 tentang Expressing Acceptance and Denial (Ungkapan menerima dan menyangkal).

26. Aura : You told him that I have a problem.
Kasih : …

A. I’m sorry
B. Thank you
C. No, I didn’t
D. What is that

27. Amel : You helped doing the test, didn’t you?
Primus : …

A. Yes, I did
B. Sorry
C. Sure
D. Hello

28. Dina : You make our father sick.
Doni : …

A. You’re welcome
B. I’m sorry to hear that
C. That’s not true
D. Thanks

29. Titin : Jim said that you lied to me.
Ahmad : …

A. Never mind
B. No, thanks
C. Forgive me
D. It’s not true

30. Parman : You told him about me.
Lucy : …

A. Don’t mention it
B. Yes, you are right
C. Sure
D. Sorry

Untuk soal no 31 s.d 33 tentang Letter (surat)

Dear Aminah

Yesterday we celebrated our independent day. We had performances, food stalls, displays and games.
We started our day off with performances but the one I liked best was climbing a palm tree. We played various games. The performance I was in Jaipongan. Angga, Ahmad, and Parmin display a Reog.
Although I didn’t win anything, independent Day was still fun.

Love from Yenny

31. Who sent a letter?
A. Aminah
B. Angga
C. Ahmad
D. Yenny

32. What was the letter about?
A. Reog
B. Independent Day
C. Jaipongan
D. A problem of Yenny

33. Why did the writer write the letter?
A. She didn’t win anything
B. These display were good
C. Independent Day was still fun
D. She love Aminah

Untuk soal no 34 s.d. 35 Arrange the following words into correct sentence!

34. are – students – in – class – The – studying

A. The students are studying in the class
B. The class are studying in the students
C. The students studying in the class are
D. In the class are the students studying

35. yesterday – I – letter – had – a – sister – my – from

A. I had letter from my sister
B. My sister from I had letter
C. Letter I had from my sister
D. My sister I had letter from

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